We're Solving Law

Why run an ICO?

We have powerful technology, useful products, an untapped market, and a committed team. In order to scale our company globally, we need more capital.

An ICO allows us to spread investment risk democratically with the community. An ICO allows members of our communities to make a profit by investing in our company. Our company receives capital to grow via the ICO without having to give away equity to a hostile investor. An ICO allows us to leverage our exprience and expertise without having to consult a disinterested investor and instead shares our growth prospects with the community.

  • High potential profits
  • Community-based investment
  • Secured by blockchain technology
  • Leaves control with core executive team

Why Invest in Elexirr

Here is an outline of why you should invest in Elexirr.
We will publish our road map and business plan closer to the ICO.

Artificial Intelligence is fundamentally reshaping business. We specialise in state-of-the-art deep learning architectures for natural language processing and apply them to law. Conceived in the early 1980's, deep learning has seen an incredible revival since 2014 because of the advent of big data and the widespread availability of GPUs. Investing in AI today is like investing in the steam engine only a few years after its invention.
There are very few companies deploying sophisticated AI applications in the legal industry and even fewer that tackle fundamental legal problems such as case outcome predictions. In addition to tapping this large, general market, we are tapping more specific markets with a virtual monopoly because we are the first company to address serious mismatches in the current legal industry.
A company is only as successful as its team is committed. Our team is professional and competent - but more importantly our team is extremely dedicated. Over the past year we have built disruptive technologies, worked with hundreds of lawyers, consultants, journalists, and academics, and spoken at a dozen conferences - all without serious resources. We have always punched above our weight and will continue to do so in the future.
£ 30 bn in UK Legal Fees 2016
5 - 10 UK LawTech AI Companies
12 Months Since Our Pilot
1000s of Clients and Connections in our Network


Our company has seen rapid growth over the past 12 months.
Detailed statistics will be published before the ICO.