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Frequently Asked Questions

Elexirr's mission is simple. We believe you don't know something until you can explain it. Below we've collected important questions and answers about our artificial intelligence.

Elexirr Technologies is an artificial intelligence startup headquartered in Cambridge, England. We specialise in case outcome predictions - meaning that based on factual and legal descriptions of claims our system calculates the winning chances of either party. We package this technology in different products and conduct research in LawTech.
Yes – the safety of your information is our top priority. We keep our users’ information secure, anonymised and encrypted. Our employees follow strict cyber security guidelines to ensure the risk of security breaches is minimised. If you have any other questions, look at our privacy policy or get in touch.
Elexirr's team consists of legal and data science experts. We have an experienced advisory board and are supported by the University of Cambridge. The core executive team remains in full control of the decision making process.
An ICO is an Initial Coin Offering. We will run an ICO before the year is out to scale our company quickly. We will issue our own tokens that can increase in value significantly over time. We will publish our financials and growth projections alongside our road map on our ICO page soon.
We are always excited to work with new, talented people. If you want to join Elexirr, please email your CV or LinkedIn profile to our Operations Director Jozef Maruscak at operations@elexirr.com with an outline (bullet points are encouraged!) of what specifically you can do for Elexirr.
We offer three standard products: 1. Corporate Analytics, 2. Bespoke Consumer Analytics, 3. Lead Generation for Law Firms. Corporate Analytics offers in-depth analysis for corporations considering, or in an early stage of litigation. Bespoke consumer analytics offers a tailored analysis of a consumer's dispute, allowing for an informed decision about next steps. The Lead Generation for Law Firms product matches new clients from a young demographic with law firms best suited to meet their needs.
Our expertise in case outcome prediction is applicable to a very wide field. We offer custom solutions for any kind of problem related to case outcome prediction, even if it is not caught by our standard products. We are also working on new standard products.
We offer free trials for all of our standard products. After the free trial ends, we charge £ 1000 per Corporate Analytics Report, £ 500 per Bespoke Consumer Analytics Report, and £ 25 per successful referral for the Lead Generation Network.
We have worked with law firms, consultancies, startups, and corporations. If you would like a referral, please email us and we would be happy to put you in touch with a previous client.
Are you intelligent? Humans are intelligent because they learn from experiences around them and improve their chances of succeeding at a task. This is what our AI does – it gets smarter with each piece of information. Elexirr does so through data science techniques, leveraging cutting edge machine learning tools to calculate the winning chances of a claim based on a model trained on previous data sets.
Elexirr uses different frameworks for different models, but most commonly we use TensorFlow and Keras. Our architectures range from traditional Bayesian machine learning models to probabilistic neural network architectures (including bidirectional LSTMs and ConvNets).
The 71% accuracy figure comes from running our core model over a large data set through K-fold cross validation where K = 10. The average accuracy of this test was 0.71. We will publish a more detailed research report about our core model leading up to the #ElexirrLawyerChallenge.
We are working on providing more information to our clients alongside the prediction. We are also working to increase our accuracy score to 80%. Our research is also exploring the application of vector-space representations of language to legal information.