We're Solving Law

Why Elexirr?

For millenia legal knowledge has been closed to anyone who cannot play the language game of law. We don't think that's right. Our artificial intelligence thinks like a lawyer and we make that knowledge available to everyone.

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High Level Features

An Overview of What We Are

Initial Coin Offering

We are raising money in an ICO this winter. Our goal is £ 5 million.

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We Solve Legal Problems

Our technology is robust, adaptable, and flexible. We can assist on any task related to case outcome prediction.

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Cutting Edge Technology

We use a variety of neural network architectures to solve tasks.

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Why Elexirr is Different

A lot of companies are afraid to call themselves "LawTech".
We're proud of it.

Challenging the Status Quo

There is no lack of technology in the law. The market is flooded with redundant applications and tools. But almost none of these systems tackle the fundamental problems of law.

We are tackling those fundamental problems. Our goal is to solve law by analysing and studying legal knowledge scientifically.

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We can predict the correct outcome of a case 71% of the time. We only need a factual and legal description of the problem to make a prediction. Our system works for all common law jurisdictions and all core areas of litigation. We make our technology available to corporations and consumers for a fee. We also make a lite version of our technology available for free to improve access to justice.
We offer a variety of applications to deliver our services. We can advise you in person or digitally. You can use one of our graphical user interfaces best suited to your needs. You can even talk with our Facebook Messenger Bot. Whatever works for you, works for us.
The law remains virtually unexplored by data science. We are spearheading research initiatives in this field. We publish our findings for free online and encourage commercial exploitation. We think that the LawTech community and society at large will benefit immensely from peer-reviewed research in this area.

Improving Access to Justice

We built a ChatBot that delivers a lite version of our predictions on Facebook for free

Why Choose Elexirr

In one sentence: We are early adapters of a revolutionary technology and are applying it to a completely new field because we believe that our commitment can change the future of law for the better.

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Proven Results

  • Accuracy at 71% and rising
  • Challenge Against Real Lawyers Underway
  • Reviewed in National and International News
  • Award-winning technology
  • Featured in Scientific Journals
  • Research Publications
  • Client and User Traction

We are very good at something very specific and are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

We receive a lot of attention from industry and media and work hard to communicate our mission clearly.

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A Talented Team

  • Legal Experts
  • Data Scientists
  • Supported by the University of Cambridge
  • Experienced Advisory Board
  • Well-connected

We are a young group of dynamic legal and machine learning experts and founded Elexirr at the University of Cambridge. The core team has worked together for over a year and is committed to changing the future of law with Elexirr.

We have enjoyed the support of the University both financially and in an advisory capacity. We have an experienced advisory board supporting us in all aspects of the business.

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A Bet on the Future

  • Deep learning architectures
  • A virtually unexplored field
  • An untapped market
  • Constant review of state-of-the-art research
  • Scouting for new talent
  • Pushing the limits of the status quo: #ElexirrLawyerChallenge

Engaging with Elexirr is a bet on the future.

The revival of deep learning over the past three years has opened up unprecedented opportunities for LawTech. We are extremely excited to explore this field with powerful tools and create useful products for an untapped market in the process. Our challenge against real lawyers is the next step to pushing the boundaries of the status quo.

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Our Products and Research

We package our technologies into powerful products and innovative research.